We spend 155 thousand zlotys per month
on purchases of spare parts necessary to perform the service of technical maintenance.

Technical maintenance of facilities

To help our Clients maintain the proper technical performance of their facilities, we offer comprehensive and complete maintenance of various systems (air conditioning, ventilation, electrical, low-voltage), machines and technical equipment installed inside and outside the facility, including:

  • on-going maintenance of technical equipment and systems,
  • continuous readiness to intervene in emergencies,
  • supervision over inspections (annual, fire, construction and electrical inspections) and periodic controls,
  • replacement of damaged or worn parts (repairs),
  • in the case of irregularities: service and removal of the defect.

The services are carried out according to an individual timetable adjusted to the Client’s needs.

The works are implemented by our skilled and trusted employees and by our regular subcontractors.


  • Maintenance of the market value of the property.
  • Maintenance of the technical performance of the building on all stages of its life.
  • On-going information on the service quality through a well-developed monitoring system.
  • Cooperation with specialists in particular areas of the service.


The services are performed by: Impel Tech Solutions Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.


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