Specialized services

We offer a wide range of specialist services tailored to the character of the facility and the diagnosed expectations of the Client. Our network of branches ensures availability of specialist services throughout the country. Our experience, employee engagement, the equipment we use and technological support guarantee high quality of services. Implementation of services is each time supervised by the manager responsible for a given Client’s facility. The completion and quality of the service can be additionally monitored through an on-line platform, which is the centre of knowledge on the events related to the services provided and makes it possible to review the status of current and past orders.

The scope of specialist services:

Comprehensive maintenance of stone floors:

  • grinding,
  • crystallisation,
  • polishing,
  • cleaning,
  • filling of losses,
  • firing,
  • acryling,
  • impregnation,
  • replacement of joints;

Maintenance of concrete surfaces:

  • grinding,
  • impregnation;

Comprehensive service of after-construction cleaning, including:

  • external surfaces (communication passageways, car parks, terrace, stairs and driveways),
  • elevations,
  • glass surfaces,
  • metal surfaces,
  • floor coverings and carpets,
  • external and internal windows,
  • joinery,
  • fittings,
  • walls and ceilings,
  • blinds,
  • lifts and lift shafts,
  • other elements specific for a given facility.

Other services:

  • oiling of wooden floors,
  • washing of floor coverings using various technologies (extraction, foam, encapsulation, dry cleaning),
  • rope access works such as cleaning of windows and elevations, removing the effects of precipitation,
  • cleaning of escalators,
  • cleaning of lifts for the disabled,
  • cleaning of lift shafts and lifts,
  • removal of malfunctions (inundations) and drying of rooms,
  • installation of structures, advertisements and signs;

Maintenance of green areas:

  • mowing lawns,
  • cutting grass behind hedges and rock gardens,
  • maintenance of flower beds,
  • pruning bushes and hedges,
  • fertilising lawns and removal of weeds,
  • removal of leaves,
  • pruning trees.

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