Rental and maintenance of bed linen and clothing

The rental and maintenance service is an optimal solution that consists in rental of bed linen and working clothes and their maintenance (laundry and repair) throughout the period of use.

The clothing and the linen items are the property of the company providing the rental service.

The entity using the service pays a monthly flat-rate fee covering the costs of purchase of the clothing and linen and the costs of their regular maintenance.

We rent bed linen, surgical clothes, working clothes, pillows and quilts.

Rental of linen items and clothing is particularly popular in health-care facilities that have problems with the quantity and quality of the linen items they hold and that, for financial reasons, cannot purchase them. It is a very common standard used in Western European countries.

We have many years of experience on the laundry market adjusted to the character of health-care facilities.

  • The processing capacities of our laundries allow us to provide services to facilities that have considerable quantities of items to wash.
  • We use the RABC (Risk Analysis Biocontamination Control) system, a hygiene quality management system in laundries, that includes contamination risk analysis and is comparable to the concept of HACCP in food industry plants.
  • ISO 9001:2008: the system covers all Impel Rental laundries.
  • RFID system: it makes possible to simultaneously identify and categorise many items marked with chips.
  • New generation medical textiles made of the best quality fabrics that meet the required standards.


  • Savings: elimination of expenses related to running and upgrading an own laundry service.
  • External financing of the cost of purchasing clothes for an employee/linen items for a bed.
  • Reduction of the number of employees and employment costs related to laundry management.
  • Security: quality in compliance with sanitary standards; computer control and monitoring of the laundry process; constant supervision of sanitary staff.
  • Proven products with high utility values.
  • Laundry technology adjusted to the type of the bed linen items.
  • Comfort: collection and delivery of the bed linen and clothing adjusted to the Client’s needs; performance of the necessary repairs.

The services are provided by: Impel Rental PRO Sp. z o.o. S.K, Praxima Krakpol Sp. z o.o.


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