We use 18 km of tape
per year to mark the clothes we rent.

Rental of clothing and bed linen

The service of rental and maintenance of textiles is an optimal solution that makes it possible to avoid investing in one-off purchases. It makes it possible to plan the monthly budget for provision of employees with working clothes or a hospital or hotel with bed linen. Independently of the recipient of the service, the manner of its implementation is similar and includes laundry services.

Rental of clothing is dedicated to all industries in which the employer is obliged to provide its employees with personal protection equipment, in particular where the employer needs to ensure homogeneous appearance of the employees.

Rental of linen items is similar to the rental of clothing. The services consist in rental of a range of linen items to the Client and its regular maintenance. The service of rental of linen items (bed linen, towels, table cloths, etc.) is most often used by two industries: hotels and health care.

The main aim of the rental service is reduction of costs related to a one-off purchase of textiles and transfer of responsibility for the clothing or linen to an external company.

The service ensures:

  • adjustment of the clothing/bed linen and its replacement system to the Client’s needs,
  • individual marking of clothing/bed linen,
  • marking of clothes with company symbols,
  • regular laundry and cleaning,
  • repair or replacement of damaged clothing/bed linen,
  • rental of cabinets for clean and dirty clothes.


  • Optimisation of the costs related to purchase and use of textiles.
  • Assumption of responsibility for the clothing/bed linen by the provider of the service.

The services are provided by: Impel Rental PRO Sp. z o.o. S.K, Praxima Krakpol Sp. z o.o.


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