We provide and install 130.000 m²
of floor coverings per year.

Renovations and investments

We offer a wide range of construction services: from fulfilling the function of the general contractor to finishing and installation works and investor’s supervision. We perform works in industrial, residential and public utility facilities.

We have trained teams that perform construction, finishing, earth, paving and installation works. We design, install and modernise electrical, low-voltage, heating, water and sewerage systems.

We have many years of experience in performance of construction works in historical buildings.
As the general contractor, we carry out comprehensive renovations of buildings under the supervision and in cooperation with monument restorers. We have carried out hundreds of orders, including new investment tasks.

As a part of renovation and investment services and services related to facility furbishing, we ensure consultancy and construction services in the following areas:

  • sanitary systems, including air-conditioning and ventilation,
  • electric and low-voltage systems,
  • reconstruction of facilities,
  • general construction and finishing works,
  • fitted carpets in rolls or tiles, including individual designs,
  • flexible floor coverings in rolls or tiles,
  • raised floors,
  • suspended ceiling,
  • wallpapers and professional paints,
  • office and hotel furniture.

We provide CE certificates, a warranty for up to 15 years and execution in accordance with the best construction principles.


  • Efficient and timely completion of the investment.
  • Access to modern technologies and solutions.
  • Support in the process of final building inspection.
  • Consultancy services in the area of design and execution.

The services are performed by: Impel Tech Solutions Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. and Construct Solutions Sp. z o.o.


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