We provide 40.000 meals
per day.


For years, we have been creating modern catering that meets the needs of our Clients. The ever increasing customer awareness as regards nutrition and mass catering forces us to strive for continuous improvement. With each day, we gain new experience and with great satisfaction we combine it with new trends in catering. Independently of the sector, we implement effective and innovative solutions that guarantee diversity, good taste and aesthetic serving of the meals.


  • We run canteens, bars and buffets in industrial facilities, offices and other public utility buildings.
  • In industrial facilities, we ensure well-balanced prophylactic and restoration meals and other forms of nutrition.
  • In health-care facilities, our meals are adjusted to the specialist diets and meet all sanitary requirements. We standardise hospital menus and nutrition systems in accordance with the indicated diets.
  • In residential care homes, we serve home-made dishes adjusted to medical recommendations. We bake cakes, prepare regional meals and traditional holiday dishes.
  • In schools, we offer menus that ensure well-balanced, diversified and healthy nutrition to children, at the same time taking into account the tastes of the young generation.
  • We offer party services, which cover comprehensive organisation of various events.



  • Comfort: we take the responsibility for the entire process of meal preparation and delivery.
  • Modern solutions: we use the latest technological solutions.
  • Safety: we comply with the applicable quality standards, sanitary requirements and OH&S regulations; we operate in compliance with ISO 22 000:2005 and HACCP requirements.
  • Diversified menu: we adjust the meals to the recommended diets and requirements in terms of calorific value and cooking trends.
  • Additional services: we organise special events, provide full organisational service (sound system, scenario, artistic setting), as well as catering.

The services are provided by: Impel Catering Sp. z o.o. S.K.


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