We handle over 30.000 insurance cases
per year.


We know from experience that close business relations increase mutual trust and effectiveness of the cooperation. This is why we establish such relations with our Clients also in the area of insurance. We observe the dynamic changes on the market and we make sure that our Clients get a tailor-made insurance programme, optimised and adjusted to the real needs of the company.

We use innovative methods, employ trained and motivated staff and continuously improve the quality of our services. We make sure that, with us, you will achieve your goals without unnecessary personnel and financial expenditure.

Our many years of experience helped us to develop a level of service that meets market expectations. Today we can say that we specialise in providing comprehensive insurance services to private and public companies, institutions of the public finance sector and large companies operating at the international level.

We place strong emphasis on efficient management of the implemented insurance programme. In this area, we act through:

  • increasing the effectiveness of the insurance protection by elimination of multiple transfers of risk to the insurer,
  • ‘sealing’ the insurance protection to minimise the company’s vulnerability to unexpected events and unforeseen negative effects of business decisions,
  • supervision over the liquidation of the damages from the registration of the claim to payment of the indemnity, verification of the indemnity decision, and legal assistance in the case of a dispute with an insurance company,
  • insurance prevention, i.e. assistance in acquisition of prevention funds, risk analysis and training,
  • issuing opinions on the insurance policies of suppliers, contractors and subcontractors to eliminate the risk of incurring financial losses,
  • preparation of insurance covers for new and non-standard areas of the company’s activity,
  • consistent monitoring of payment of insurance premiums, ensuring timely payments and reminders about the upcoming payment periods and payments to be received in the case of indemnities.


  • An insurance programme developed based on the history of events in the company.
  • An audit and selection of the optimal insuring company.
  • Implementation of preventive solutions.

We know the importance of conversation and we invite you to contact us. We will be eager to answer all your questions and clarify all the doubts.

The services are performed by: Brokers Union Sp. z o.o.


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