We provide services in 15.000 locations
in Poland.

Deliveries of cleaning products

We offer a full range of professional chemicals, hygiene products and cleaning equipment. Cooperation with the largest cleaning company in Poland (Impel Cleaning) allows us to acquire rich experience directly from the professionals. In order to answer the market problems, we have created a series of professional products under the name of CleanPRO, which are tested in hundreds of facilities throughout the country. Continuous search for market innovations allows us to offer attractive and modern replacements for the technologies used so far.

The offer of CleanPRO products is complemented by reliable products of the leading companies. We cooperate with the best and largest manufacturers of hygiene products and cleaning agents, which enables us to provide our Clients with the best solutions at the best prices.


  • Verification and analysis of use statistics: to control the budget for hygiene and check the effectiveness of the applied solutions.
  • Proven product quality: flexibility in selection from a wide range of products.
  • Specialist training: for employees in practical use of cleaning products and hygiene.
  • Convenient ordering models: traditional channels and round-the-clock access through the on-line platform.

The deliveries are made by: AGROBUD BHP S.A.


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