Catering in offices

As regards office buildings, we have created Lunch Rooms, i.e. employee-friendly sites arranged in such a way so as to enable employees to eat a fast lunch during the break. It is also a great place for informal chat while having a cup of coffee. This solution is dedicated to office buildings, public utility places and other sites where rich menu and high quality are the priority. Our meals are always fresh and aesthetically served. They meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.


  • Cooperation with a reliable and experienced operator: the partner-like approach is the warranty of success.
  • Rich menu and innovative recipes: in line with the current cooking trends.
  • Diversified pricing: to make the meals available for all employees.
  • Meal quality: guaranteed by HACCP and ISO 22 000:2005 standards.
  • Comprehensive party service: complete organisation of various company, special and motivational events (catering and organisation).

The services are provided by: Impel Catering Sp. z o.o. S.K.



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