Alpine team

  • Alpine Services Division provides services through an established team of expert alpinists. They hold international IRATA certificates, documents entitling for work at heights, and obligatory medical certificates; they are health and safety trained, and have many years of professional and alpine experience. They have also been trained by the Technical Supervision Authority in operating specialised equipment and machinery (e.g. mobile platforms) and vehicle-mounted aerial work platforms. Moreover, many of them hold permits for power engineering works (up to 1 kW and without limitations), as well Qualified First Aid certificates.
  • Our experienced experts with access to modern alpine and cleaning equipment are able to assess the character of the job ordered and propose the most efficient cleaning methods. They will consider both the architecture of the building and the type of the facade and a number of other factors, too: type and degree of dirtiness, building location, conditions and procedures applicable in a given shopping centre, and of course the customer's budget. Optimally selected services will allow to effectively remove dirt, prevent permanent staining (or even damages in the façade) and to avoid risks connected with work at heights and potential legal actions; finally, this will end in saving our clients’ money and nerves.
  • As many as 80% of the team are engineers who can be trusted to solve any problem encountered during the job.
  • The employees working at heights are competent professionals and keen alpinists at the same time: the majority of them do mountaineering as a hobby, and extreme expeditions in the Alps, the Andes or the Himalayas are their passion.

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